Adelaide: Show me the Wine!

Wine, wine and more wine…What else do you think about when planning a visit to Adelaide?

South Australia’s major city is home to laneway mysteries, historical churches and a wine capital of the world status. I stayed here, in the 5th most populated city in Australia, for 2 nights. It was a brief but surprisingly awesome stay as I hadn’t heard the best things about Adelaide before I arrived. Here are my highlights… 🙂
St. Francis Xavier Cathedral


From Victoria Square tram stop, just outside the Hilton International, it took 40 minutes to get to the seaside suburb of Glenelg. It was turning in to a glorious Autumns day by the time I arrived here and all misconceptions about Adelaide were sweetly diminished. I took a walk along the beach and then onto the esplanade in awe of the beautiful houses and historical architecture over-looking the ocean.
A spot of street-art in sunny Glenelg!
Historical Building lining the Esplanade

The town centre has a gentle air to it and parallel to the tram tracks lies a fabulous blend of cafes, restaurants, shops and pubs; something different for every visitor, local or tourist alike. Although I didn’t have any, there looked like some pretty epic ice cream parlours and I spied a good Mexican joint too!
From the Esplanade to the Beach
From the Beach front to the start of the main High-Street

As the sun set and the sky turned a warm, vibrant orange I couldn’t help but wish I’d stayed a little bit longer in Glenelg. The vibe was very calm and relaxed however I was strapped for time. I’d recommended an over-nights stay here for travellers if possible, especially if some ‘me’ time is needed away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You could radiate some positivity from the ocean 🤙🏼
Ocean Waves and Salty Beach Days


Well, what can I say. If you’re a foodie who loves quaint and local bars, then checking out what the laneways have to offer is for you! I was lucky enough to meet a beautiful couple whilst in Fiji who lived in Adelaide so after work, they took me into the city for some food and drinks. We chose Peel Street to venture down and the atmosphere was incredible. Fairy lights were hanging above our head as we walked deeper into the laneway between heaps of local bars and restaurants.

We decided we’d get some grub at ‘Bread and Bone’ who apparently make some pretty impressive burgers however, the tables were full so we went opposite to Alfred’s Bar and had a cheeky drink before finding food elsewhere.
Peel Steet (Photo Credit:

Alfreds was a well-groomed, little bar. It was very low key but made an impact with traditional, old-school values. We were able to sit outside as it was a dry evening and you could faintly hear the chatter of those passing through Peel Street with friends, trying to decide where to eat or other tables discussing how their weeks had panned out. It all felt warm and welcoming, especially inside where quality customer service was adorned with a smile and you couldn’t resist a local tap or craft beer.
Alfred’s Bar! (Photo Credit:

For food, we ventured to a laneway being renovated and stumbled upon a microbrewery right in the heart of the CBD called Lady Burra Brewhouse. Surrounding the bar were tons of locally brewed beers as well as their very own, brewed in-house, craft beers. The walls were lined with attractive, illustrated pieces of street-art and with the combined lighting created a moody and eye-popping atmosphere to be appreciated with friends. As one of Lady Burras values, shared experiences are everything and we chose to savour beer battered and sweet potato chips with copious amounts of wood oven-fired pizza: it was bliss!
Lady Burra Brewhouse! (Photo Credit:

Flinders Street Project

I couldn’t leave Adelaide without making time to sample at least one local coffee shop so I asked my friends where they would recommend. They suggested Cibo, The Flinders Street Project, Crack Kitchen or Argos on the Square.
Enjoying a coffee…excuse the take-away cup, I didn’t have much time!

The Flinders Street Project made the cut and I woke up early the next day to grab a much needed latte in preparation for my Barossa Valley wine tour. The coffee shop itself was very modern and minimalist (bar from the thousands of spoons hanging from the ceiling) which was perfect for the calm and clean cut atmosphere I felt it portrayed. I sat outside, as it was a glorious day, on a large wooden table over looking the main Flinders Street, people-watching as the morning commute to work progressed. I had a large, skinny, honey latte and enjoyed every second of drinking it. It was gorgeous and service was provided with a cheeky grin: a perfect start to my morning!

Barossa Valley

On the way to our first stop!

The beautiful and gracious Barossa Valley is nestled in Adelaides rolling hills, home to German heritage and history. I chose a day tour with Gray Line so I could taste all the wine and be chauffeured around (in a mini-bus) to take in the eclectic landscape of vines, orchards, fields and forests.

Gnadenfrei St Michael’s Lutheran Church, said to be one of the most beautiful churches in Barossa Valley

Our first stop was Seppletsfield which we discovered was one of Australia’s oldest wineries founded in 1851. The Cellar Door experience was refreshing as we tasted their prestigious wines whilst being educated on the history of Seppletsfield and the Barossa region. My favourite wine was surprisingly the Moscato, fruity and refreshing, especially for the morning! Make sure you check out the rest of the Seppletsfield estate before getting back on the bus to continue the tour, its grandeur isn’t one to be missed.
We made it!
Cellar Door tasting
Tuscan Vibes!
Fountains and Palm Trees

Wolf Blass was our second stop. We had a brief introduction to the company and were tutored briefly on the art of wine making before tasting their Gold Label wines and an award winning Black Label. Naturally, the Black Label was my favourite. It was a luxurious and seamless Shiraz and you could understand why it had won so many medals!
The Eaglehawk of Wolf Blass
The Wolf Blass Visitors Centre

Once the wine tasting was over we were ushered into a dining area where we had lunch prepared for us and a Penfolds preview wine tasting experience. The food was delicious and we gave thanks to those who had prepared and cooked it for us. Out of the Penfolds wines, the dessert-style wine was my favourite. We didn’t really receive much information however on Penfolds as a business and just had cards next to the wine telling us what each was. If I remember correctly, as I had had a few wines by now, you could not purchase a Penfolds wine whilst on the tour also.
All ready for Lunch!


To sober up (or drink more), after the wine tour we were taken to the picturesque town of Hahndorf, the oldest German settlement in Australia, secluded from sight within the Adelaide Hills. Lining both sides of the high-street were ruby-red Elm trees, quaint stone cottages and traditional Bavarian style inns, which really gave the town an European-Autumn feel. Within the cottages you could find multiple trinket and souvenir shops, cellar doors, galleries and ice-cream parlours. We walked up and down the town in awe of the colours of the leaves and to see what hand-crafted and artisan goods the shops had to offer. I’d recommend a trip to EverCream Gelati for a mango ice cream, it was heavenly!
Hahndorf High-Street
Enjoying the Autumn Leaves!

Adelaide highlights completed? Check out my previous blogs on fruit picking in Bundaberg and my first experience in Cairns! The Grampians is next 😀


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