The Grampians: Sunsets, Walks and Waterfalls

A Guide to the Grampians with Groovy Grapes

To continue my travels from Adelaide to Melbourne without flying, I booked onto a ‘Groovy Grapes’ 2 nights/3 days tour to the Grampians (and along the Great Ocean Road but that’s for another entry). A massive bonus on this trip was that all transport, accommodation and food was included in the price so I literally had to think about NOTHING and just enjoy my time with like-minded people seeing spectacular things!
Chasing Sunsets with Like-Minded People

At 7am I was picked up from the hostel and we began escaping the city of Adelaide through the picturesque Adelaide Hills. After close to 7 hours of driving (with a lunch stop on the way) we made it to the Grampians and boy, what a sight it was! Layers upon layers of vast vegetation were seen in the distance towering into the sky. I could not wait to check out what lay inside and capture some awesome views to show my friends and family what they were missing.
Passing through from South Australia into Victoria!
On the bus driving towards The Grampians which you can see in the distance
The Grampians in all it’s glory

McKenzie falls was our first stop. We took the steep and winding trail of steps down to the base of the waterfall where you could see the water pouring over the huge cliff edges into a deep pool below. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. The water was mesmerising and to watch nature in all it’s glory: priceless!
The walk down to McKenzie Falls; What a view!
Cheeky thumbs up for McKenzie Falls!
Look at that water!

Before heading to the hostel in the little village of Halls Gap we ventured to the scenic Reed Look-out and the balconies for sunset. The views were epic and somewhat surreal making you forget how many hours you had been cooped up on a mini-bus to get here. It was totally worth it and I felt extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity to really see how beautiful Australia was.
Reed Look-Out: incredible views
So much beauty and you could see for miles!
I could’t help but keep posing…just look at it!
Over the balconies watching the sunset

We stayed at Halls Gap which was a popular gateway to the Grampians. The accommodation provided was a backpackers lodge called Brambuk Backpackers. It was equipped with the usual hostel style bunk beds, en-suite toilet and a shared kitchen. My favourite part was a wood burner, situated in the middle of the living area surrounded by sofas. It felt so homely, warm and welcoming and was the perfect end to a busy day exploring, especially when enjoyed with a well-deserved Pinot Noir!

Wandering through Halls Gap were some very cute (and apparently tame) wild kangaroos! It was a perfect opportunity for a selfie which thoroughly brightened up my morning ready for a day of exploring more of the Grampians and travelling to the Great Ocean Road.
Look how cute they are!
Enjoying their breakfast

As we ventured once again into the Grampians National Park the heavens decided to open and our walk to the Pinnacle look-out was considered a drab one. For those of you who have researched the Grampians you will know that walking up to the Pinnacle isn’t one to be missed offering mind-blowing views of the Grampians and Halls Gap. As you can see by my photo’s below, we couldn’t exactly see much…
Are we nearly there yet? Mid-way through our walk
The ‘view’ from the top…
Just to prove we could see something!
On our way back down, all wet and cold

What a difference this was from the previous day. A trip back to the Pinnacle is definitely on my list of things to do, especially when the sun is shining. I was gutted we didn’t get to appreciate it in it’s entirety but hey ho, to the Great Ocean Road we had to go!

Hope you enjoyed reading my latest entry! I would definitely recommend having a nosy at the Groovy Grapes website if you are travelling Australia solo. They don’t just offer the Grampians and Great Ocean Road, you could check the Outback out with them to and with all accommodation, food and transport already within the price you’ve got nothing to worry about 🙂 If you haven’t already, check out my previous blog posts! Otherwise, The Great Ocean Road shouldn’t be to far away…Bec 













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