Great Ocean Road: To Melbourne We Go!

The home stretch to Melbourne had arrived! Following one night in Halls Gap, on the outskirts of the Grampians, it was time to journey on-wards to the Great Ocean Road. For those of you who haven’t read my previous blog entry (FYI you really should) I travelled with a tour company called Groovy Grapes meaning I could enjoy the spectacular sights with like-minded people who mainly were travelling solo too!
Jason (our tour guide, top right in the blue cap) and his Groovy Grape Gang!

Now, as you are aware (if again, you did read my previous entry) when leaving the Grampians National Park we didn’t have the best of weather. In-fact when we climbed the Pinnacle it was pouring down with rain and the views at the top were less than spectacular…
Pinnacle view once more

Due to the weather our trip wasn’t exactly full of epic shots, however I will show you what the Great Ocean Road looks like pre and post storm aswell as give you my highlights 🙂

1. Bay of Martyrs

The Bay of Martyrs; the storm is coming!
Braving the other look out where the wind and rain were picking up

2. London Bridge
The rain attacked my lens but London Bridge baby!
Fighting the elements to get a selfie: dedication!

3. 12 Apostles
The next day was slightly better and the 12 Apostles were revealed
Wind swept but worth it!

4. Great Otway National Park
The Towering Trees of Otway National Park

5. Lorne
The beautiful seaside town of Lorne
BBQ lunch mmmmm

And last but not least…

6. The Great Ocean Road Sign
The proof to show that you had travelled down the Great Ocean Road!

Well, we made it and what an experience it was! Alongside the wet weather, the storm also brought us no electricity or water for the night meaning it was wine and card games by candle light (and no flushing the toilet) until it came back on in the early hours of the morning. It was all worth it though and I had such a blast! I can’t wait to see it all again and hopefully in some sunshine.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Great Ocean Road highlights! If you haven’t already please check out my previous blog post on the Grampians as the two are linked 🙂 I travelled with Groovy Grapes in one organised tour to see both sights and I would seriously recommend it! Especially if you haven’t got your own transport and would like to travel with some travel-minded and crazy people; it’s totally worth it!

Next on the agenda is my Melbourne adventure…stay tuned! Bec 

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