MELBOURNE: Coffee, Beach Boxes and Roof-Top Sangria!

To the city that most of my British friends who had visited Australia were obsessed with; Melbourne. I had a short, three night stay here in-which I realised by the second was not long enough to visit all of the fabulous sights this thriving city had to offer but hey, I will be back and I’m excited about the prospect already!
Melbourne: voted the worlds most liveable city!

Melbourne was particularly special to me on my Australia-adventure as I also got to stay with my cousin Cheryl who I hadn’t seen in two and a half years since she’d emigrated to the land down under!
Reunited with my cousin Cheryl!

In no particular order; here are the things I did/experienced in the worlds most liveable metropolis…

1. The Metro
Off to the city!

As I was staying with my cousin on the outskirts of the city, the metro was my go-to mode of transport. After finally figuring out how to get and use a Myki (a card to top-up as payment for public transport in Melbourne) it became apparent that it was pretty easy to explore!
Graffiti to be nosy at on my journey.
Going past the MCG! I unfortunately didn’t get to watch anything here (there’s always next time) but atleast I got a glimpse!

A little tip for all you travellers! Look out for the free tram zones within the city. These are especially handy if you’ve been exploring for the day and have tired little legs!

2. Street Art

Melbourne is pretty infamous for its street art and I was lucky enough to have my friend Kylie show me around some. These beauties were found down Duckboard Place (or thereabouts), conveniently by Tonka, an Indian restaurant where Kylie works, so if you fancied some grub after check it out!
How talented are these artists?!
A beautiful wall mural!
The amount of detail in this piece is epic!

3. Coffee

MAJOR GRIN ALERT! It was time to get my caffeine fix and I had heard SO many good things about Melbourne and it’s coffee!
Captains of Industry: This honey latte got a thumbs up!

Whilst sipping, we sat watching the hustle and bustle of the city life below us at Captains of Industry. It’s in a pretty cool and central location! The coffee was good too and so was the service 🙂 It’s a diverse business and not your average coffee-shop. It’s a bar, barbers and sells leather-goods too!
Patricia: This was SO good and totally worth the wait!

Sat on a curb drinking this with no shame because coffee from Patricia was epic 😀 A bit of a secret tucked away down a laneway (I wouldn’t have noticed it if it wasn’t for Kylie) and standing-room only however, all locals and tourist should taste this beautiful cup of life.

4. Roof Top Bar and Cinema

The Roof-Top. This also transforms into an outdoor cinema too!

With the Autumn sun shining brightly, the opportunity to sit outside at the Roof-Top Bar and Cinema was not to be missed. It was stunning being surrounded by the high-rise buildings towering above us and the noise from the traffic below was surprisingly peaceful especially after a few moreish and reasonably priced sangrias!
The hustle and bustle of life below.
Kylie getting the drinks, YESAAAAAAA!

Oh and if you were feeling a bit peckish whilst soaking up the atmosphere, there is a burger shack next to the outdoor cinema screen.

5. South Bank

Taking the towering buildings in.

This was one of my favourite areas that I visited within the the city. I loved how you could walk alongside the Yarra river lazily, taking in the tall buildings surrounding you. South bank was also laden with restaurants and bars so as you were strolling you could pick where you fancied a bite to eat from!

Looking across the Yarra River

6. Flinders Street Station

The main metro station that I used. It was a meeting point and my access in and out of the city 🙂
The steps I couldn’t find to meet my friend…oops.

7. The Shrine of Remembrance
Walking up to the Shrine of Remembrance

Honoring all those who have served in the armed conflicts and peacekeeping task that Australia has engaged in, the Shrine of Remembrance is a beautiful memorial, displaying exhibitions and artifacts which really embraces history and the community.
‘We will remember them’

The Shrine was situated also next to Royal Botanic Gardens so if you had time you could check them out on your trip too!
Looking back onto the City; it was doughnut time!

and last but not least…

8. Brighton Beach
The beautiful beach boxes

After grabbing a sweet treat from Degraves Street Doughnut Time we headed to this gorgeous spot to devour it! Brighton Beach is about a 25 minute drive south from Melbournes CBD. It offers beautiful beach boxes outlining the waters edge of Port Phillip Bay.
Photo-shoot time!

Due to the weather being amazing for what I expected from Melbourne it was quite busy and hard to capture the beach boxes without hordes of tourists in front of them. However, it was still lovely to have a stroll along the beach whilst munching on a doughnut and admiring the doggies! It was the perfect end to my short stay.

Moral of my Melbourne adventure; stay more than three nights! I did also visit St Kilda for food the evening before I left but would love to explore it in the day time as I’ve heard so many good things from other travellers about this quirky part of the city.

Any suggestions for where else to go the next time I’m there would be greatly appreciated from Melburnians and tourists a-like. once again for reading. Feedback and likes are greatly appreciated 🙂 I love to write and take photos so I hope you guys are enjoying my posts too!

It’s hard being a full-time nurse, trying to keep in shape, socialise and write about my travels but it is a passion of mine so please bear with me when it comes to releasing posts. My Sydney adventure will be next!

Remember, nothing worth having comes easy…



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