SYDNEY: Breakfast dates and tourists times with my Aussie baes ♥

Hello to the city of Sydney! 

A bus journey on the Greyhound from Melbourne (cheaper than flying for me personally as I had a bus hop-on/hop-off ticket to Cairns) led me to the multi-cultural, metropolis of Sydney, situated on the East Coast of Australia.

I was able to make memories and capture my experiences of this vibrant city with my Gold Coast gal pals, Zee and Sophie… ↴
Zee, Sophie and me!

From the infamous Bondi Beach to the iconic Opera House, Sydney has so much to offer to enable it to shine in all it’s glory.

Below you will find some of my favourite shots from our long weekend city break: enjoy! 🙂

Walking into the little town of Mosman for some breakie
Caffeine fix from Hierloom, Mosman
All sunshine and smiles on our ferry journey into the city!
Posing with some iconic Sydney sites
Breakfast is served at Balmoral Boat House
The Chinese Garden of Friendship felt like an oasis of peace within the inner city.
Bondi Baby!
The well-televised Bondi beach. No sign of the beach rescue crew in action fortunately!
The quaint Darling Harbour
The beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge in all it’s glory

Sadly, after a long weekend of bank holiday frolicking, it was home time for the girls and an overnight trip back on the Greyhound to Yamba for me! As my bus wasn’t arriving until 10pm (or around that time) from Sydney Central I decided to do a little bit of exploring and as it was starting to get dark, I made my way back to the station.

Now, each entry I have wrote is my honest opinion as I do only wish to document my true feelings of trips in this blog so just to make readers aware…

I personally felt that Sydney Central Station after dark turned into quite an intimidating place, especially if you were travelling solo waiting for a bus to arrive! I did a ‘recce’ run of where I was being picked up from and got approached by men and women who may of been homeless, asking me for money. When I went back into the station, I didn’t get approached however there were a lot of people shouting and sleeping in the doorway of shops. I think if I had been travelling with someone else I would have been okay and less nervy but as a solo-female, my heart did skip a beat a couple of times and I clutched my bags tightly begging for the time to go faster so I could get onto the bus.

TRAVEL TIP: If you are on your own and can get a tad anxious easily then think about getting an earlier bus (if that’s your chosen method of travel) as it saves you the feeling of being on edge for hours and unable to relax, ah! 

Overall I had a fabulous time in Sydney with my Aussie Baes and I couldn’t wait to be reunited with them back on the Gold Coast! ♥

Finally, I have finished and it’s definitely better late than never!

Thankyou for reading and if you haven’t already, please check out my previous blog posts. Feedback is always greatly appreciated!

Join me next time in the beautiful surf town of Yamba 🙂

Over and out!

Bec ♡

P.S. Only 8 more sleeps and I’ll be reunited with my boyfriend (@jasonsimat) after almost 21 weeks apart. Here’s to making more memories in the beautiful country that is Australia ✨🌏


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