Pronoia and the Quest for Coffee

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it…”  J. M. Barrie (Peter Pan)

I’m embarking on an adventure…

Yep, that’s right; a quest for coffee and I know the universe is conspiring in my favour.
Admiring the Latte Art at Commune on the Gold Coast, Australia

Everything in my life is often described as “an awfully big adventure” (another J. M. Barrie quote because who doesn’t love Peter Pan?!). From 10 pm travels on the hunt for an open ice cream parlour to bungee jumping 134m off a platform suspended over a canyon, and not to mention one day owning my very own caffeine-fueled business. The latter is the reason I am writing this blog entry and could also be my biggest escapade yet.

“…one day owning my very own caffeine-fueled business.”

It was about a year ago and a half ago (July 2016) that I finally started to get enjoyment out of coffee.

During my time working as a nurse in the hospital, the hours were long and I used to drink the caffeinated substance to keep me awake, especially during the night shifts. It was the cheap, instant kind that smelled alright, tasted horrendous but did the trick.

Two years later, I travelled to New Zealand with my family and every morning my Mum and Auntie would go out and get a coffee. This experience was not only purposeful with coffee being the fuel for the day but also pleasurable. I decided to join in and started drinking a mocha which was justified by my love for chocolate.

“It was the cheap, instant kind that smelled okay, tasted horrendous but did the trick.”

A month later the adventure continued with the Kiwi Experience and so did my taste-buds, I had advanced onto enjoying a latte most days! Whether I was on my own or with a group of fellow travellers, I developed a love for going into coffee shops. I’d often check out the local produce they provided, listen to their playlists and watch the world go by.

Fast-forward to the present time and all of the above still apply however I’m back in England now working as a nurse. Nevertheless. my sanity is maintained by catching up with friends, being productive (at least I’d like to think so) and admiring latte-art within a coffee shop with a good cuppa and a cheeky slice of cake.

It was only recently that I thought about changing my career path. One of my best friends sparked a still unanswered question just yesterday; do we live to work or work to live?

“Do we live to work or work to live?”

The truth is I am now going to feel a lot more than I think, as thinking does tend to hold me back. I’m going to run away with the idea and vision that I will open up my own coffee-shop. There’s only one person that can create the future you desire and that’s you 🙂
Breakfast with this one (@jasonsimat) at Bam Bam Bakehouse on the Gold Coast, Australia

Why stand on the edge when you can leap? Have faith and believe. It’s a weird feeling once you realise the universe is conspiring in your favour.

Just thought I’d show off ↴ 😀
The Nevis Bungy in Queentown, New Zealand

I’m currently in the midst of researching the best pump espresso machines with milk steamers and coffee grinders to use at home so if anyone has any reviews of ones they’re using/know of or just tips on what to look for when choosing a machine it would be much appreciated!

This is all a new venture for me and I hope you’ll follow my journey!

Bec ♡

Listening to:

No Captain (feat. POLIÇIA) – Lane 8

Old School Turntables – Matt DiMona

P.S. Any feedback regarding my post is also welcomed, 🙂 thanks!

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